Thrive Dance

Lyra classes begin in January on Mondays at 4:45pm and Tuesdays at 3:45pm. Space is limited to 4 participants. Cost is $85/mo. (10% discount for YogaVega members, multi-sibling, and multi-class enrollments). Enroll Here

Aerial silks are a super fun way to keep kiddos active, build strength and improve body image all while having a great time. Register Here

Winter/Spring 2020 Schedule is as follows:

Mondays 5:45 Intermediate

Tuesdays 4:45 Jr. Advanced

Tuesdays 5:45 Jr. Intermediate

Wednesday 4:45 Mixed Level

Wednesday 5:45 Intermediate

Thursdays 4:45 Advanced

Thursdays 5:45 Intermediate